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Unbeatable price Leica TL2 & all Cameras, Computers, Audio, Video, Accessories. Shop Now Leica Tl2 Amazing Deals on Leica Tl2. Find Lowest Prices Online. We Scanned Thousands of Stores. Find the Greatest Deals Leica TL2 Body Only Mirrorless Digital Camera PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS· 24.2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor·. Rp. 41,450,00

The Leica TL2 is a mirrorless camera with an APS-C size 24-megapixel CMOS sensor, 3.7-inch touchscreen LCD, 49-point contrast-detect autofocus system and 32GB of onboard storage. It's the third in the series of Leica T cameras that break from the tradition of dials and buttons that is the Leica hallmark Buy Leica TL2 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Black) featuring 24.2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, Leica Maestro II Image Processor, UHD 4K30 and Full HD 1080p60 Video, Up to 20 fps Shooting and ISO 50000, 3.7 1.3m-Dot Touchscreen LCD Monitor, 49-Point Contrast-Detect AF System, Electronic Shutter Function: 1/40000 Sec, MyCamera Menu; Faster Touch Controls, 32GB Memory and UHS-II SD Card Slot. Another thing Leica has improved with the TL2 is its processor. It's the same generation (though not necessarily the same chip) as the Maestro II used in the M10. This allows for UHD 4K capture, 7 fps shooting (20 fps in e-shutter mode) and makes the whole camera quick enough to warrant a USB 3.0 interface (with the new Type-C connector. Leica TL2 Overview. Announced Jul 10, 2017 • 24 megapixels The Leica TL is an APS-C mirrorless camera with a body crafted from a single block of aluminum. It features a 24MP sensor and faster processor than the original TL, support for TL (crop) and SL (full-frame) lenses, and a 3.7 touchscreen LCD.. A little over 3 years since the announcement of the Leica T (April 2014), and just 8 months after the announcement of the Leica TL in November 2016 we have the TL2. Superficially the camera looks like its predecessors, but in fact there are lots of improvements and changes, both in the body and under the hood

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  1. Ini Harga Kamera Mirrorless Baru Leica TL2 dan Keistimewaannya! Tech News Rabu, 12 Jul 2017, 10:30 WIB Leica baru saja memperkenalkan kamera mirrorless entry-level terbaru mereka, yakni Leica TL2 yang dibanderol seharga US$1.950 atau sekitar Rp26 juta
  2. Leica D-lux - Beginners Guide on How to Use the Camera!! - Duration: 14:38. Jay SonyAlphaLab 78,707 views. 14:38. Review - The Leica M8 - Is it still good in 2019? - Duration: 9:51
  3. The Leica TL2 may not be able to compete with the best cameras out there in terms of its feature set and image quality, but as you'll be able to see from this review, it's still a very capable camera in its own right and still manages to bring out that unique feel that you'll be able to experience when using a Leica
  4. or revision of the original Leica T from 2014
  5. Leica's TL2 is the third in its T-series line-up, and was announced just eight months after the TL but 3 months before the Leica CL. While the body design stays roughly similar to that of the original TL, the TL2 has the same 24Mp APS-C CMOS sensor Maestro II processing engine as the CL
  6. Leica have always taken fire from mainstream enthusiasts and pros regarding their price to performance ratios. While that criticism is arguably justified regarding their full-frame offers, the TL2 appears to be a very reasonably priced camera when stacked against the competition

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  1. Leica TL2 - Performance. In use the TL2 is mostly pretty nimble. It turns on in a fraction of a second, and reacts near-instantly to the shutter button being depressed
  2. The concept of the Leica TL2 focuses on clean lines, amazing picture quality and an extraordinary handling concept. With its slim body, machined in one piece, its looks are completely different from all other Leica cameras and possess a timeless clarity in a contemporary interpretation of Leica's archetypal principle of reduction to essentials
  3. The original Leica T was designed in collaboration with Audi Design, and little has changed in terms of how the TL2 looks, with some slight smoothing of the camera's edges compared to the TL it.

Leica CL and TL2: Daring, Risky, Necessary, Expensive - and They Make Me Happy - Duration: 45:59. Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions 38,410 views 45:5 Leica TL2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Body - Black (Renewed) $1,799.00. Leica TL 16MP Camera, Black Anodized Finish $1,272.94. Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Camera (Silver) 3.4 out of 5 stars 5. $7,305.86. Leica Q2 Digital Camera (19050) 4.5 out of 5 stars 26. $4,852.41. Leica CL Mirrorless Digital Camera with 18mm Lens, Black, Pack of 1. Coba lihat katalog leica tl2 mirrorless digital harganya mulai Rp 41.499.000 tersebar di berbagai toko online, bandingkan jual Leica Tl2 Mirrorless Digital ori dan Leica Tl2 Mirrorless Digital kw dengan harga mura Leica TL2. Camera type. Digital APS-C system camera. Lens mount. Leica L bayonet with contact strip for communication between lens and camera. Compatible lenses. Lenses with Leica L-Mount, Leica M/R lenses using the Leica M-Adapter L/R-Adapter L. Sensor. APS-C sized CMOS sensor (23.6 x 15.7 mm) with 24.96/24.24 million pixels (total/effective. Installation instructions Firmware (1.1) Leica TL2 English Date: 07/2017 Format: PDF (41.21 kB

Sebelum menyentuh masalah harga dari kamera Leica TL2, agaknya ranah dari spesifikasi kamera ini sengaja diulas pada bagian awal, dimana sensor yang dimiliki Leica TL2 adalah 24MP dengan rentang ISO hingga 50.000, artinya dengan angka seperti ini bisa dipastikan bahwa ketika mengambil gambar minim cahaya maka kualitas yang dihasilkan akan lebih. Leica TL2 Digital Camera Mirrorless Ditunjang dengan sensor APS-C dengan body alumunium, kamera ini tak hanya unggul dalam hal performa, namun juga unggul dalam hal penampilan. Selain itu dibekali dengan resolusi kamera sebesar 24MP dengan resolusi video 4K/30p, 1080/60p, serta 270/120p, maka baik kamera maupun video yang dihasilkan sangat.

Other Thoughts. I have a Leica T that I genuinely enjoy, but I'm now jealous and desperately want a TL2 now. I mean every nice thing I've ever said about the T, but it always was an OK camera in. [Liputan launching] Harga: Rp 63 juta. Leica masih membuat kamera film, dan yang terbaru tahun ini yaitu kamera instant Leica Sofort. Leica juga bekerjasama dengan beberapa perusahaan lain seperti dengan Panasonic dan Huawei dalam pengembangan lensa dan kamera foto dan peralatan video

The Leica TL2 is certainly not without its charms. For a start, it's a beautifully made camera, and the fact that it's crafted from a single piece of aluminium underlines the premium feel Leica is. Kamera Leica TL2, tersedia dalam warna Silver atau Black dalam anodized finish, dijual dengan harga sekitar USD $1950. Kamera ini tetap kompatibel dengan EVF Visoflex Typ 020 2.36M-dot dan semua lensa TL dan SL yang dirilis perusahaan itu Mirrorless TL2 dari Leica Kualitas DLSR dengan Ukuran Pas di Saku. Leica menghadirkan salah satu varian dari tipe kamera mirrorless yaitu Mirrorless TL2. Kamera dengan lensa yang bisa diganti ini, dirilis Leica dengan harga Mirrorless TL2 yang cukup murah di kelasnya

ของใหม่ พลังแรง Leica TL2 Mirrorless ตัวล่าสุดจากค่ายจุดแดง ถ่ายต่อเนื่องสูงถึง 29 ภาพ! By: myfifthday July 11, 2017 APPS. ของใหม่ พลังแรง Leica TL2 Mirrorless ตัวล่าสุด. Pada kamera Leica mengunakan lensa kamera L-Mount, sama seperti yang digunakan pada Laica T/TL/TL2 dan pada leica SL, sehingga tidak perlu khawatir untuk menggunakan lensanya. Leica mengumumkan lensa baru yaitu Leica TL 18mm f/2.8. Sampai saat ini, lensa-lensa yang tersedia antara lain: 11-23mm f/3.5-4.5, 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6, 55-135mm f/3.5-4.5. Leica TL2 Performance. The performance section is where we look at the image quality performance of the camera. Additional sample photos and product shots are available in the Equipment Database. All in one cross line and point lasers certified for accuracy. Shop now

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Leica CL/TL2-System. Leica CL Dream Big. Pack Small. Leica TL2 A statement TL- Lenses Open up new horizons Accessories Classic or modern. Leica TL2 bakal mula dijual dengan harga $1,950 (~RM8,366.48). Oh ya, harga yang disebutkan tidak termasuk set lens manakala Leica TL2 beserta lens 18mm-56mm and the 35mm prime hadir dengan tanda harga $5,995 (~RM25,733.24). Buat peminat jenama Leica, kamera mirrorless terbaru ini mungkin boleh dijadikan sebagai wishlist terbaru anda. Berikut. The Leica D-Lux (Typ 109) is a rather unusual camera because, thanks to a working agreement between Leica and Panasonic, it's almost identical to the Panasonic LX100 - one of my favourite.

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compare price, harga, spec for Leica Camera by Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nokia, LG and Blackberr Baru-baru ini produsen kamera profesional ternama, Leica baru saja meluncurkan kamera mirrorless terbaru miliknya yang bernama Leica TL2. Kamera mirrorless interchangable ini adalah rangkaian kamera TL terbaru dari Leica. Lalu apa saja spesifikasi dan kelebihan kamera mirrorless yang dibanderol dengan harga tinggi ini Jakarta - Sesuai rumor yang beredar sebelumnya, Leica akhirnya benar-benar meluncurkan mirrorless anyarnya yang bertajuk TL2. Harga kamera tersebut mencapai USD 1.950 atau sekitar Rp 26 juta. Sebagai kamera mirrorless interchangeable lens, TL2 bisa menggunakan berbagai lensa dengan mounting TL, juga mounting SL dengan menggunakan adapter Microscopes are essential for taking a closer look at a cell sample or a similarly tiny object. eBays new and used microscopes can be useful for students, professionals, and amateurs alike. To narrow down your search for a microscope on eBay, take a look at these common customer questions Baru-baru ini produsen kamera profesional ternama, Leica baru saja meluncurkan kamera mirrorless terbaru miliknya yang bernama Leica TL2. Kamera mirrorless interchangable ini adalah rangkaian kamera TL terbaru dari Leica. Lalu apa saja spesifikasi dan kelebihan kamera mirrorless yang dibanderol dengan harga tinggi ini? Kamera Leica TL2 memiliki sensor APS-C 24 megapiksel yang baru dikembangkan.

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leica d-lux 7 black - 1870; leica d-lux 7 wanderlust father's day set (save $230) - 2060; leica q2 street father's day set (save $880) - 7400; insta 360 one r 1-inch edition co-engineered with leica - father's day special: free tripod - 89 WinNetNews.com - Baru-baru ini produsen kamera profesional ternama, Leica baru saja meluncurkan kamera mirrorless terbaru miliknya yang bernama Leica TL2.Kamera mirrorless interchangable ini adalah rangkaian kamera TL terbaru dari Leica. Lalu apa saja spesifikasi dan kelebihan kamera mirrorless yang dibanderol dengan harga tinggi ini BABAT POST - Kabar terbaru menyatakan bahwa Leica resmi meluncurkan seri kamera mirrorless dan interchangeable lens terbaru yaitu Leica TL2. Seri ini merupakan mount kamera terbaru yang menggantikan pendahulunya TL Series. Tak hanya dari segi desain nya saja yang mewah, kemampuan lensa dan kamera Leica TL2 juga tak perlu diragukan karena didukung sederet fitur pro The previously rumored new SF 60 system flash unit (flash guide number of 60) and SF C1 wireless flash controller are now listed on Leica's website. The new flash system will be presented to the public for the first time at the 2018 WPPI show that starts in Las Vegas today (conference for Wedding and Portrait Photography). [

Jual beli kamera leica t harga murah dan lengkap, kondisi baru ataupun bekas cicilan ringan. 100% aman dengan payment system grati So it's now L for Leica and L for Lumix ;-). This mount was launched in 2014 for the APS-C format Leica T. But in 2015, it was used for the full-frame system Leica SL. It's currently used on the Leica SL, Leica TL2 and Leica CL system cameras, as well as the Panasonic S1 and S1R The Leica SL2 follows on from the SL, which was first announced in 2015. It's a full-frame mirrorless camera, which uses the L mount. Thus has since been adopted by the L Mount alliance between Leica, Panasonic and Sigma. In terms of the overall design, Leica has kept the size and weight of the SL2 very similar to its predecessor

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Harga jualan Leica TL2 ialah $1950 (~RM 8380) tanpa lensa. Berkaitan: Kamera Digital, Leica, Leica TL2. Blackberry KEYone Dengan Skrin Yang Diperkukuhkan Mula Memasuki Pasaran. Samsung Menawarkan Kerangka Bintang Kpop Exo Dengan Pembelian Galaxy S8. TIPS & ULASAN. Deepfake: Ancaman Internet Terkini [Press Release] Kamera Leica TL2 Memiliki Sensor 24 MP dan Finishing Bodi Premium By rumorkamera on 18 July 2017. Kamera Leica TL2 dirilis dengan sensor APS-C, lensa dapat dipertukarkan, mount TL terbaru, sensor 24MP dan AF 3x lebih cepat Apa perbedaan antara Leica TL dan Leica T? Temukan mana yang lebih baik dan performa mereka secara keseluruhan dalam peringkat kamera. Kategori. Cari. ponsel laptop tablet negara. id. Gambaran Harga Spesifikasi + Tambahkan ke perbandingan. Home > Perbandingan antara kamera > Leica T vs Leica TL. 41 poin. Leica T. Leica T. vs. Leica TL2. Harga Kamera besutan Leica memang tidak sebersahabat Kamera dari Nikon atau Canon, akan tetapi perangkat-perangkat besutan Leica selalu hadir dengan kemampuan yang bisa diandalkan. Dan baru-baru ini Leica resmi memperkenalkan Kamera MIrrorless terbarunya yang diberinama Leica TL2. Kamera Mirrorless Interchangable terbaru dari Leica ini kembali dibanderol dengan harga yang lumayan tinggi, akan. Popular models for Compact from Leica are usually from the Leica Q, Leica Sofort and Leica D-Lux collection. If you are not sure about having Leica Compact, you might want to check out the products from Canon, Sony and Panasonic. On iPrice Malaysia, you can find your ideal Leica Compact for as low as RM 13.00 up to as much as RM 36,899.00

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On my SL I use both a Leica M 50mm/1.4 Asph and a Leica SL 50mm/1.4, and, after many pictures taken I've noticed one recurring difference on their rendition: at F1.4 the M-Asph seem to constantly have a more 3D presentation, with the subject in focus that pops more and the out-of-focus background that melts away Leica TL2 Body: Mirrorless, 24.32 MP; 100 - 50000 ISO; 30 s to 1⁄40000 s ~ Baca juga: Review dan Harga Kamera Mirrorless Terbaru . Demikian artikel mengenai Daftar Harga Kamera Leica Terbaru Dari Murah-Mahal November 2019 semoga artikel ini bermanfaat dan selalu kunjungi. Harga Kamera Leica Murah Terbaru 2020 . Untuk Anda yang belum banyak tahu tentang kamera Leica, perusahaan kamera Leica ini berasal dari Jerman. Leica Monokrom, kamera yang hanya mampu menghasilkan foto hitam putih dan Leica TL2, kamera yang memakai panel layar LCD touchscreen yang besar dan desain antarmuka yang kontemporer Minimal and intuitive, the sleek black TL2 Mirrorless Digital Camera from Leica is a photographic tool for photographers looking for a compact, yet capable imaging system with the latest technology. It maintains the unibody design of its predecessors and is crafted in Germany from a single block of aluminum for durability, but makes a major advancement with the implementation of a newly. Yongnuo announced a new version II of their YN 50mm f/1.8 lens (Yongnuo YN 50mm f/1.8 II). The new model is already listed for sale on eBay for around $74 (only Canon mount available so far). The previous version of this lens was introduced back in 2014. Additional information: Supports USB-free Firmware Upgrade The firmware of the [

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The Leica adapter with Leica lenses does have. Not so. The Novoflex SL/EOS adapter certainly has electrical contacts (see photo) but apparently it only works on the SL and not the CL, even if the mount is the same Leica CL akan tersedia mulai akhir November 2017 dengan harga US$2795. Untuk lensa Leica Elmarit-TL 18 mm f/2.8 ASPH harganya US$1295. Paket bundle Leica CL dengan lensa Leica Elmarit-TL 18 mm f/2.8 ASPH harganya US$$379

medcom.id: Leica baru saja merilis kamera mirrorless baru bernama TL2. Sesuai dengan namanya, kamera mirrorless ini merupakan seri terbaru dari jajaran kamera Leica T yang memiliki bentuk sederhana dan ditujukan untuk kegiatan fotografi standar sehari-hari.Meski demikian, ada cukup banyak peningkatan pada kamera ini jika dibandingkan dengan seri sebelumnya The Leica TL2 + 18mm Elmarit-TL f/2.8 ASPH lens starter bundle is now $1,695 off (40% off) in the US; Astralwerks and Leica Camera enter into creative partnership; Leica released firmware update version 2.0 for the D-Lux 7, C-Lux and V-Lux 5 cameras; Capture One 13.1.0 released with Leica M10 Monochrom camera suppor

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Ini Harga Kamera Mirrorless Baru Leica TL2 dan Keistimewaannya! Guide Bruno Mobile Legends: Kuy, Cetak Savage dengan Mudah! Nostalgia! 8 Game Android yang Populer Sepanjang Masa Lebih dari 14 Juta Android Terjangkit, Ini Bahaya Malware CopyCat!. Camera shopping in Tokyo - Westside (updated for 2019) So let's get straight to it. The Westside camera shopping guide. As there are so many stores in Tokyo it is simply not possible to have them all in one guide, so we have split the guides into the Westside and Eastside guides Leica TL2 Body Kondisi mulus like new Kelengkapan sesuai photo Harga cuma 25.000.000 aja mohon konfirmasi sebelum barang dibeli buat kepastian stock masih tersedia. Toko Zenith Gedung STC Senayan Lt.1 No.1019-1020 Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu 9 Gelora Senayan - Jakarta Pusat 10270 Telp : 087826226200 (Tokozenith) Buka dari jam 11.00- 20.0 Jual JOELCAM - LEICA T BLACK KIT LEICA VARIO ELMAR-T 18-56MM F3.5-5.6 ASPH dengan harga Rp24.500.000 dari toko online joelcam, Jakarta Pusat. Cari produk Kamera Mirrorless lainnya di Tokopedia. Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di Tokopedia T he RICOH GR III belongs to a species of endangered gadgets we know as the point-and-shoot cameras.The camera is lightweight and compact (easily fits into pockets) with a focal length of 28mm, and sports an f/2.8 lens and 24-megapixel APS-C sensor

MD) CL) U) LEICA MINILUX ZOOM Amazon.com. The Leica Minilux Zoom offers the fastest zoom lens ever put on a compact Leica--the Vario-Elmar 35-70mm zoom lens. Housed in a body of high-grade titanium, this is one of the most versatile and deluxe compact 35mm cameras ever made As the entry-level model in the OM-D series, the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III ($649.99, body only) is a mirrorless camera that has to serve several audiences, one of which are those who don't know. Sigma announces the fp, the world's first truly pocketable full-frame interchangeable lens camera. See our Sigma fp review for all the details The Fujifilm X-A3 remains fairly compact, weighing 12.0 ounces (339 grams) with the battery and memory card included. This is a 0.3-ounce weight reduction compared to the X-A2

Hanya ada dua kamera Leica yang beroperasi menggunakan sistem Leica APS-C, yaitu Leica CL dan Leica TL2. APS-C system memungkinkan kedua kamera ini untuk memiliki desain yang compact dan mendorong semangat fotografi para penggunanya dengan enam lensa APS-C yang memiliki focal length berukuran 17 hingga 200mm Toko Jual Manfrotto NX CSC Backpack Blue Gudang Digital Online Kamera Lensa Lampu Studio Harga Murah Terpercaya Manfrotto NX CSC Backpack Blue External Dimensions : 28 x 19 x 45 cm Internal Dimensions : 27 x 18 x 44 cm Laptop Compartment Dimensions : 25 x 2 x 20 cm Personal Compartment Dimensions : 27 x 12 x 22 cm Tripod Compartment Dimensions : 14 x 2 x 19 c Harga dari berbagai kamera Leica memang terkenal sangat mahal. Harga minimal kamera Leica itu 60 juta dan tergantung dengan harga tukar rupiah sedang melemah atau naik. Harga kamera Leica di Singapura dan Malaysia memang masih dibandrol dengan satuan dollar. Dari faktor ini, hanya orang-orang kaya dan fotografi profesional yang mampu membelinya

Oppo R17 Pro akan dipasarkan dengan harga 480 EUR atau sekitar Rp.8.000.000 jutaan dalam varian warna Black dan Red.Demikian informasi mengenai desain, harga dan spesifikasi Oppo R17 Pro, semoga informasi diatas dapat bermanfaat serta dapat dijadikan referensi bagi yang ingin membeli ponsel Oppo terbaru di tahun 2018 The D-Lux 7 is Leica's brand new premium compact camera, featuring a relatively large Micro Four Thirds sensor and a fast 3.1x zoom lens. Is this the best pocket camera on the market? Find out now by reading our Leica D-Lux 7 review, complete with full-size sample images Leica M-E Diperkenalkan - Kamera Bingkai Penuh Bersaiz Padat Dengan Tanda Harga RM12000. June 25, 2019 0. video. Sekitar Ibu Pejabat Leica. Apr 4, 2019 0. Leica Q2 Dilancarkan Dengan Sensor 47.2 Megapixel. Kamera Digital Tanpa Cermin Leica TL2 Dilancarkan. July 11, 2017 0. Huawei Mate 9 Edisi Terhad Berwarna Hitam Ditawarkan Di Malaysia. Leica akhirnya benar-benar meluncurkan mirrorless anyarnya yang bertajuk TL2. Harga kamera tersebut mencapai USD 1.950 atau sekitar Rp 26 juta. detikInet Selasa, 11 Jul 2017 10:50 WIB Penampakan Kamera Mirrorless Anyar Leica METROPOKER88- Baru-baru ini produsen kamera profesional ternama, Leica baru saja meluncurkan kamera mirrorless terbaru miliknya yang bernama Leica TL2. Kamera mirrorless interchangable ini adalah rangkaian kamera TL terbaru dari Leica. Lalu apa saja spesifikasi dan kelebihan kamera mirrorless yang dibanderol dengan harga tinggi ini

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Leica TL2 Digital Camera Black Anodized... HK$ 16,800 . Beli Lebih. Stok tersedia . Tambahkan ke Wishlist . Bandingkan. HK$ 4,880 . Stok tersedia . Baru. Leica T Digital Camera 18180 Blk (used) HK$ 4,880 . Beli Lebih. Stok tersedia . Tambahkan ke Wishlist . Bandingkan. HK$ 96,800 . Stok tersedia . LEICA M10-P Whit iPhone XS review: iPhone XS is arguably the most iterative iPhone to date but it's still worth considering, provided you can swing the high asking price

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Harga berlaku hanya pembelian online. Order sebelum 16:00 WIB (Senin-Sabtu) untuk pengiriman hari yang sama. Canon EOS M10, Canon EOS M3, Fujifilm X-A2, Fujifilm X-A3, Fujifilm X-E2S, Fujifilm X-E3, Leica TL, Leica TL2, Nikon 1 J4, Nikon 1 J5, Nikon 1 S2, Nikon 1 V3, Olympus PEN E-PL7, Olympus PEN E-PL8, Olympus PEN-F, Panasonic Lumix DMC. Leica TL2 Body Only Mulus Like New. Rp25,000,000,- Add to Cart. NIKON D610 BODY NEW. Rp16,500,000,- Add to Cart. SIGMA FOR SONY E-MOUNT 30MM F/1.4 DC DN. Rp4,150,000,- Add to Cart. CANON EOS 5D MARK IV BODY LIKE NEW. Rp41,000,000,- Add to Cart. Sony RX1RII plus Leather Case.

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Our popular instant camera, the Leica SOFORT, is now available in an attractive red color option, just in time for the holidays. Frame the moment and instantly share memories with friends and family this holiday season with the versatile and stylish instant camera that offers myriad creative options Leica M10 silver camera listed as discontinued at B&H. on closeout at Adorama; The Leica TL2 + 18mm Elmarit-TL f/2.8 ASPH lens starter bundle is now $1,695 off (40% off) in the US; Astralwerks and Leica Camera enter into creative partnership; Leica released firmware update version 2.0 for the D-Lux 7, C-Lux and V-Lux 5 camera The Leica M7 is a 35 mm rangefinder camera introduced by Leica AG in 2002 as a direct successor to the M6.The electronic Leica M7 is a departure from previous mechanical designs for the M series LUMIX G DSLM 4K/6K Flagship Camera Kit DC-GH5-LEICA-KIT DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) Camera featuring the Ultimate Picture Quality, 4K/60p Video Recording Capability and 6K PHOTO. 12-60mm Lens Kit

Leica TL2 Luncur, Bawa Fitur Auto Fokus Kilat dan Burst Mode 20fps. Ini Harga Mirrorless Besutan Sigma. Blacktech. Mirrorless Terbaru Fujifilm Ini Cocok untuk Para Vlogger. Blacktech. Sasar Penggila Selfie, Ini Mirrorless Terbaru FUJIFILM. Blacktech. Lebih Bertenaga, Ini Rupa Suksesor Leica T LEICA Digital Camera X-E Type 102 (16.2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, Leica Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH Lens, 35mm (35mm Equivalent), ightweight and Compact Metal Body, 2.7 230k-Dot TFT LCD Display, 11-Point AF System, Manual Focus and Manual Exposure Control, ISO 12500, Up to 5 fps Shooting, Pop-Up Flash & Built-In Hot Shoe) 23.950.00 Leica TL2 telah dilengkapi memori internal 32GB, slot kartu memori SD, WiFi, HDMI, dan port USB 3.0 Type-C. Leica TL2 dibanderol US$1950 untuk bodi saja dengan pilihan warna silver dan hitam. Harga mulai dari $499,000 untuk apartemen 1 kamar, $539,000 untuk 2 kamar dan $899,000 untuk 3 kamar. Leica TL2 merupakan generasi kedua Leica TL, dengan fitur dan spesifikasi yang tentunya.

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